Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SPUDs - one of my favorite FUDs!!


While with the family last night, we ate a seafood chain and while the rest of the food was good, I was served several small red potatoes that were just tossed with a bit of butter and parsley. I grew up in "potato country" being from the Red River Valley in North Dakota and these little darlings really were a treat!

They were ripping hot and as my fork burst the skins, a wonderful earthy smell rose to my nose. I tasted them and while they were apparently tossed in salted butter, the only addition required was black pepper. I had to giggle at my delight in these beauties but I swear I could "taste the soil" and it brought a warm flood of good feelings along with it.

When I first moved to Arizona, my roommate (who also grew up in NoDak) got a care package from his mom that contained a glass instant coffee jar with the dark Dakota soil inside. We used to take turns breathing in the deep smell of the rich, black earth - giving us a jolt of home in a jar. When family would visit, our biggest request was to have "SPUDS" brought to us and we would bake or boil them with reverence and make an entire meal of them.

Simple food, simple preparation - SIMPLY WONDERFUL.

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