Friday, September 12, 2008


I have rules about food. They haven't always been deal-breakers but there are several truths about food (for me) that are self-evident:
  1. Luke warm food is a primary pet peeve of mine - unless it is to be served at room temperature or chilled, I would like my food to be right-outta-the-pot HOT!
  2. I struggle with dairy, but I'm working to cope with this affliction. I hear of runny cheeses and the like - I'll kindly pass and yes, I've been told what I've been missing out on. Tell me all about it and I'll still probably smile at you & comment about the last cheese I watched Chef Bourdain get all hot & bothered about.
  3. I guess you could tie #2 & 3 together but I also struggle with wine. Most of my experience with wine is me drinking a glass wishing I liked it better. Honestly, some of this blog is to expand some of these horizons so know I see this is as a work in progress.
  4. Presentation is important and when a plate is a feast to the eyes, as well as the palette - it's ART. However, I am also a big believer in KEEPING IT SIMPLE, SWEETIE!!
  5. I think local & fresh is the only way to go - I grew up in North Dakota, it's what we kids near the farm grew up with. Living now in Arizona, I'm seeking fresh and if I have success - you'll read about it here.

Food for me is looking at our world and seeking not only what makes us different but what brings us together. Welcome to my table, have a seat and enjoy!

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