Friday, November 7, 2008


While boxes are everywhere, we are HOME!

Cooked my 1st meal of "roast beast & mashies" while madly putting my kitchen away (I have my priorities, you know...) and it tasted mighty good after a hard days toil. I did have to laugh, however - I was remiss in making a veggie but not to be undone, I did the next best thing I could find, a jar of some pickles to count as the GREEN on the plate!!

With this move, we let our supplies run down so we could outfit the pantry and cabinets with the gotta-have's and maybe I'll add in some new goodies! My grocery list runneth over but any suggestions? What are your CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT's in your pantry?

Just watched Chef Pardus deconstruct a rabbit on "A HUNGER ARTIST" - what an amazing site! I'm in awe of how these two share their skills with the rest of us and do it in such a way that it makes you want to try it yourself -- maintaining the best of culinary traditions. Thank you, Chefs.

Also, if you get the time - check out Michael Rhulman's Tarte Tatin - the photo is spectactualar! Donna has a magnififcent eye and that Tarte Tatin couldn't be more inviting. I've decided to make one for Thanksgiving!